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Carnarvon, WA - again! Ha-ha-ha-hallo Kids and Judy! Capt'n Burra here, back in Ca-ha-ha-ha-rnarvon after an adventurous 10 days on the ship!
As you can tell, we didn't make it to Geraldton, which was to be our next port of call. Sadly, the winds were too strong and the swell too big for the ship to go anywhere once we'd left the shelter of Shark Bay, so we had to turn back and return to Carnarvon. Everyone was sad it didn't work out, but now we are in Carnarvon with lots of friends that we made on the voyage and that makes Carnarvon even more fun than the last time we were here.
We did have a lot of fun on the voyage despite not making it down the coast. We stopped at Monkey Mia on our second day and everyone spent the day at the beach, lazing around, playing beach volleyball, and taking a dip in the hot tub! Best of all was when 2 dolphins came in to visit - Puck and Nicky, I think they were called. I even got to feed one, which was so cool. The dolphins were very gentle taking the food from me.
When we left Monkey Mia we sailed to the southern end of Dirk Hartog Island and anchored there for three days waiting for the weather to improve so could keep sailing south. It could have been very boring at anchor for 3 days, especially when we couldn't go ashore 'cause it was too rough, but the crew made it fun for everyone but teaching all the new voyage crew how to tie knots and learn all the lines and names for the sails. We even celebrated the Nowhere-Near-Melbourne Cup - our own version of the horse race, using the wind to make our horses go instead of racing around the deck like lunatics which could have been very dangerous. I helped by telling the horses "ready, set, go" but some of the horses went early anyway. It was great fun.
When we finally realised we'd have to go back to Carnarvon, we anchored off the northern end of Dirk Hartog Island, hoping to go ashore there. But it was too rough again and instead we sailed for port.
Now we are in Carnarvon for a few weeks while we wait for the weather to improve and for our new crew to arrive. I'll bet we shall have hee-hee-hee-hee-aps of fun when we finally get going again.
Until then, bye for now.
Capt'n Burra

Carnarvon, WA Hi Judy and all the kids at Happy Valley!
Captín Burra sending you a big ha-ha-ha-llo from Ca-ha-ha-ha-rnarvon in WA. Carnarvon is at the north end of Shark Bay (havenít seen any sharks yet!) where Monkey Mia is and we will be visiting Money Mia next week to see the dolphins. I ca-ha-ha-ha-nít wait!
We have had lots of adventures on the last couple of legs, mostly to do with the ship, as we have been doing lots of sailing. It has been very rough, with lots of water washing over the decks, so there were lots of seasick crew (and travel buddies). We saw lots of whales and a few dolphins and heaps and heaps of turtles (I think they were gree-hee-hee-hee-n turtles) and lots of birds like albatross and shearwater (muttonbirds).
The crew have had a few problems with the ship - we got a few tears in the sails, flooded the cable locker where the cables for the anchor live and we nearly ran out of fuel and had to stop at Cape Cuvier for 2 days to refuel. Cape Cuvier is a place where they make salt and there is a HUGE mountain of salt there. When the wind blows, it blows the salt around and it looks like snow!
The thing is we couldnít moor at the wharf (it was too big) so the fuel was put into small containers and thrown off the jetty into the water! Mike and Peter then had to fish them out using our little zodiac dingy and bring them back to the ship, where we finally emptied them into our fuel tanks! Considering it was quite rough, it was quite an adventure for Mike and Peter. I sat at the top of the main mast to make sure they didnít miss any of the containers in the water!
Now we are in Carnarvon for a few days, making repairs to the sails, cleaning out the cable locker and doing lots of maintenance on the ship (all the travel buddies have been helping). Oh, and taking on more fuel, of course!
We sail for Geraldton soon and more adventures!
Ca-ha-ha-ha-tch ya later,
Captín Burra

Broome, WA Ha-ha-ha-hallo Everyone!
Captín Burra here, making my latest report on the trip from Wyndham to Broome (hey, do I sound important? The captain has to write a report every day, which is called a log. Itís very important and official and I like the sound of that).
We have had an amazing trip! The Kimberley Coast is so cool - all red, rocky cliffs, big tide marks that make the rocks look completely different, and clear blue water. We sailed through the Buccaneer Archipelago, which is a group of islands (heaps of them), and they all had beaches and cliffs and reefs and stuff. We didnít stop at any of them though, so we didnít go exploring.
We did stop at Bigge Island for a day. We landed at a little beach with huge cliffs along one side and in the cliffs were caves paintings. They were really amazing paintings of people and hands and animals. I liked the snakes and lizards the best! I even found a little birdís nest in the caves - it made me feel right at home.
But I think the best part of this leg (and so do all the other travel buddies) were all the Humpback whales we saw! About 20 or 30 of them - some really close, some a long way off (I spotted those ones first from my usual perch up on the main mast). I liked the ones that leapt out of the water and came down with a big splash! Like they were trying to fly! I fly better than those whales but I could never make a splash like that.
We had another adventure when we got to Broome. We crashed into the wharf because the tide was really strong! We got stuck there for nearly an hour and a fishing boat had to pull us away. When we went to anchor our engine wouldnít start! Flat batteries!! So we have been at anchor ever since and havenít seen anything of Broome. Maybe tomorrow when the new batteries arrive and are installed.
I hope you are all good. Tell Mr Eucalyptus to behave himself!
B-b-b-bye for now,
Captín Burra
PS Donít forget to have a look at our photo page to see what weíve been up to. And check out the Newsletters that the crew have put together. There are some cool games to play in it, stories about us, and photos as well!

Wyndham, WA Hi Guys, its Captain Kooka reporting from the North West of Australia on board the Windeward Bound sailing ship.
Boy! have I had a fun week sailing. Our ship left Darwin with a new group of people on board. One of these people I met was a photographer named Patrick Hamilton, and he works for the Australian newspaper.
He is traveling on board the Windeward Bound for a whole month, traveling between Darwin & Broome ( check out an atlas to find out where those places are).
Patrick is a very nice fellow and I asked if I could be his buddy for the month. He said that it would be OK & he will show me how to use his camera, because I like taking photographs when I can.
The first thing we did was learn how to be safe on the ship. Because I have been traveling on the ship, I already I knew a lot of the safety stuff, so I helped Patrick, because he has never been sailing before.
All the crew showed us how to put on a safety harness & climb all the bits of rigging found on a sailing ship. Patrick is very afraid of heights, so I had to help him a lot when we climbed the mast, but when we got to the top, the view was so cool, that Patrick forgot that he was a long way up in the air. He said I was such a great help when we went climbing that he might just climb to the very top of the Foremast.
The ships crew is divided up into three watches (red, blue & white) and they work around the clock to sail the ship. Each watch has got to learn all about the different parts of the ship & also how to tie certain types of knots, then they have a competition each day on where different parts of the ship are located, so this keeps everyone busy to learn all of this new stuff. Itís heaps of fun. Patrickís watch leader is Dirk & he is a very good sailor, so he teaches us very well. I like this sailing thing and I think Patrick does too.
After two days of training & learning how to sail properly, the Windeward Bound set sail, for Bare Sand Island which is about thirty nautical miles from Darwin. This island is very special because lots of Flatback turtles come to lay their eggs in the sand. Patrick thought this would be good to photograph for his newspaper, so we all got into a funny looking boat called a Zodiac, and went to have a look at these turtles.
When we arrived we found there was a lady by the name of Andrea who studies these turtles. We walked all over this small sandy island at night looking for the tracks the turtles make in the sand as they walk to the spot where they dig a big hole in the sand, and then lay about 50 small eggs the size of a large ping pong ball, then they cover them over with sand & in three weeks time the little baby turtles dig their way out of the sand & run down the beach into the water.
We found six turtles in the one night we spent on the island, and Patrick got some very nice pictures. It was funny watching how Patrick took his pictures because at one point he got very close to the turtle and I thought he might scare the turtle, but he didnít. Then we all watched as she went into the sea & swam away to get something to eat, because all that effort made her very hungry.
After we left Bare Sand Island we sailed for Port Keats which is about 120 nautical miles from Bare Sand Island.
On the way the sea got very rough, and a few people got a little seasick, but the weather cleared a day out from Port Keats, and now I am about to go a shore with Patrick to pick up a satellite phone from the airstrip at Port Keats, because the one Patrick had with him did not work properly. After we get the phone Patrick will use the phone to call his office in Sydney so he can send his pictures of the turtles on Bare Sand Island for tomorrowís exciting.
Anyway kids if must go now to carry one of Patrickís cameras, and help him do his job, so Iíll talk to you next time.
Bye from
Captain Kooka & Patrick.

Darwin, NT Hahahahalloooo Judy and the kids at Happy Valley!
Itís me, Captain Kooka, writing in to tell you all about our adventures on the Windeward Bound. I am having lots of fun with all the travel buddies and the crew make sure we get to see and do lots of exciting things.
We had a big adventure when we sailed through the Gulf of Carpentaria. Our steering cable broke so we couldnít steer for a while and we had the first bad weather since ages - almost everyone was a bit seasick!
We came to Darwin ages ago and then left again to sail back along the coast to Arnhem Land. This was instead of sailing to Dili in East Timor. We were all a bit disappointed that we couldnít go there. It would have been very exciting.
On the last leg we stopped at an island where we saw a turtle laying some eggs and some baby turtles that hatched. They were very tiny and looked yummy, but I didnít eat any.
Weíve been back in Darwin for2 weeks now, but we finally sail out on Monday! We will be sailing for 2 weeks before we go to Wyndham, which isnít very far away really, so we should have heaps of time to go exploring and swimming and stuff.
In Darwin we have been to the Mindall Markets lots of times, saw a movie at the Deckchair Cinema and visited a big navy ship - itís much, much bigger than our ship. And we have been out sailing in the harbour too. Last weekend the Leuwin, a tall ship from Perth, sailed with us as well AND they fired a cannon at us!
Trim is lots of fun and really nice to us. My friend, Sandy, a sandpiper travel buddy, and I fly up into the rigging and laugh at her when she tries to chase us. She is good at climbing the rigging but canít get near us!
Well, Iíd better go and see what adventures we have in store this afternoon.
Write soon!
Bye for now, Captín Kooka

Thursday Island, QLD Hi Happy Valley kids!
Cap'n Burra here, writing to you from Thursday Island! This is the furthest north that we will travel in Australia and it has been very exciting. When we arrived at TI (that's what the locals call Thursday Island) we were greeted by some local dancers and musicians. They were really fantastic!
Tonight we sail from TI and go to a tiny place called Seisia, near Bamaga. See if you can find them on a map of Australia. Here's a hint... it's right at the top of Queensland! And after that we are heading into the Gulf of Carpentaria. How exciting can you get???!!!
Yep, I sure do help with the sailing, especially as I am one of the few buddies who can fly. I get to go up and fix any problems they have with the lines whenever we set the sails. It's great fun and you can see for miles from the top of the mast!
We were joined by a couple of new buddies recently - the Duckoon from Walloon, Gull and Winston Wombat from Palm Island. They are all cool fun to have on board.
I'm attaching some photos of our trip to Cooktown recently. And I will pass on your message about the Flinder's Birthday photos to Kiah, who is in charge of all of that stuff now. She'll fix it up in no time!
Bye for now, gotta fly!
Cap'n Kooka

Cairns, QLD Hello Everyone
How are you?
Well iím feeling really well because i got lots of sleep last night so I could feel really good today. Last night the engine broke down so we had to sail by wind alone. This morning when i woke up we were right out side of Cairns and then the Coast Guard came along to fix up the engine so now we are sailing by engine.
Today we are going to Arlington Reef and we get to go swimming with all the fish and coral. Iím going to take my camera under water because it is a underwater camera and iím going to take lots and lots of photoís. Iím really excited. There are three more days and two more sleeps until we get to Cairns. I cant wait. The Captain Sarah said that we were going to anchor at Arlington Reef so we get a nice calm sleep on the deck....... again iím really excited.
Well i better go now because trim has raced up the rigging and i have to fly up and see the excitement!!!
Bye Bye
Love Captain Kooka

Bowen, QLD Hi everyone, Captain Kooka here.
I have had a very busy week so far! When we docked in Mackay we got 10 new voyage crew. They are all really friendly. After we set sail they all learnt how to climb the riggging, which was fun to watch.
On Tuesday we sailed all day and anchored at an island for the night, which the sea sick crew we grateful for.
On Wednesday we set sail again for a near by island surrounded by a coral reef. It was raining a little but that didnít stop the entire voyage crew from climbing up a mountain. I saw a alot of interesting animals from my perch on the aft deck, turtles, fish and some beautiful birds. After our visit to the island we had a mock wedding! Yes thats right a wedding, it was awesome!
This morningís watch was by far the best, 4am to 8am. I am now a proud member of the white watch! I saw lots of shooting stars and helped name a few new constellations our watch made up! Then we got a great view of the sunrise, it was beautiful!
We pulled into the Bowen (check it out on the map) port at around noon. The people here a really friendly as well. Most of them come to have a look around the ship. I got to help with the tours! The Bowen shire council invited the entire crew to a civic reception. The food was really yummy! Tomorrow we are having a school visit the ship, I canít wait to meet all the children!
Thatís all for now,
Captain Kooka

Off Mooloolaba, NSW Ahoy!!!
We have been motoring most of last night with very few sails up as the wind died right down, so i took this opportunity to climb onto the channel at the side of the ship and see what damage if any was done when we left Malulaba, luckely itheir wasnít any. See, when we left Malulaba because the wind was pushing us onto the wharf we had to get the Coastguard boat to help us, but when it was towing us itís rope broke and went flying back onto their boat. It didnít hurt anyone but mi just thought iíd check it out in case, we canít have our beautiful Brigatine damaged.
This morning i slept in and got up juat in time to have a laugh at the rope races. Itís lunchtime soon and i canít wait to see what our wonderful cook Melanie has in store for us....

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