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Carnarvon, WA - again! Hello kids!
You wouldnít believe where we are right now! Instead of being tied up at the wharf in Geraldton and exploring a new place, we have made it all the wayÖ back to Carnarvon! What a voyage it has been! First we were roused out of bed at 3am to run a fire drill before we sailed. It was funny watching the crew put out an imaginary fire in the water!
We left Carnarvon at around 6.00am and travelled to Monkey Mia. It was great! We went for a swim and we all got to see some dolphins. It was an exciting experience for all of us. All of us travel buddies watched the crew play volleyball. It looked like fun.
We spent a lot of time at anchor on this voyage because it was too rough to sail and too rough to go on shore much so we had to make our own fun on board. On Melbourne Cup day, we didnít have a radio and we had no idea which horses were racing, so we made our own race, the Nowhere-Near-Melbourne Cup! It was great fun. Kiah made the Ďhorsesí (which didnít look anything like horses!) and everyone made up their own horses name and coloured them in. Then the race was on! Lance from Blue Watch won with his horse ĎHoly Sheetí and he loved his prize - a packet of lolly snakes!!!
The weather was so rough that we had to give up sailing to Geraldton and we have come back to Carnarvon. It was sad to say goodbye to all the kids from this voyage but since they are from Carnarvon we will get to see them again. In fact most of them have already come to visit us already!
We will sail south again in a couple of weeks, which means lots of time for drinking mango smoothies and eating choc-coated bananas! Iíll write again soon.
Love, Freddo

Carnarvon, WA Hello Everybody!
This is Freddo on the Windeward Bound!
We've finally made it to Carnarvon in WA. Carnarvon is at the north end of Shark Bay (havenít seen any sharks yet!) where Monkey Mia is and we will be visiting Money Mia next week to see the dolphins. I can't wait!
Carnarvon is pretty cool. It is very different from places north like Port Hedland and Dampier, where there is a lot of mining for iron ore, salt farms and stuff. Carnarvon is where they grow lots of fruit - bananas, mangoes, other tropical fruit, tomatoes, etc. Although it's not mango season yet, all the travel buddies have pigging out on mango smoothies, mango icypoles, and chocolate coated bananas!
We have had lots of adventures on the last couple of legs, mostly to do with the ship, as we have been doing lots of sailing. It has been very rough, with heaps of water washing over the decks, so there were lots of seasick crew (and travel buddies). We saw whales and a few dolphins and heaps and heaps of turtles (I think they were green turtles) and lots of birds like albatross and shearwater (muttonbirds).
I learnt how to use a sextant the other day. A sextant measures how high the sun is above the horizon, so you can work out when the sun is at it's highest point (midday) and then you can figure out where you are in the world. The filters on my sextant made the sun turn green! It was really cool.
The crew have had a few mishaps with the ship - we got a few tears in the sails, flooded the cable locker where the cables for the anchor live and we nearly ran out of fuel and had to stop at Cape Cuvier for 2 days to refuel. Cape Cuvier is a place where they make salt and there is a HUGE mountain of salt there. When the wind blows, it blows the salt around and it looks like snow!
The thing is we couldnít moor at the wharf (it was too big) so the fuel was put into small containers and thrown off the jetty into the water! Mike and Peter then had to fish them out of the water and into our little zodiac dingy and bring them back to the ship, where we finally emptied them into our fuel tanks! Considering it was quite rough, it was quite an adventure for Mike and Peter.
Now we are in Carnarvon for a few days, making repairs to the sails, cleaning out the cable locker and doing lots of maintenance on the ship (all the travel buddies have been helping). After taking on more fuel, water and supplies (including milo and chocolate!) we will sail for Geraldton and more adventures! We plan to visit Monkey Mia and Dirk Hartog Island along the way.
Bye for now,
Freddo the Fabulous!

Broome, WA Riddup, riddup! Hello everyone!
How are you all going? Are you having lots of fun without me? I am so hanging out for MacDonalds. Iíve heard thereís one in Broome but I havenít had a chance to hop off the ship and find out.
We have had an amazing trip around the Kimberley Coast. It is way cool - all red, rocky cliffs, big tide marks that make the rocks look black instead of red, and clear blue water. We stopped at a couple of places to look for waterfalls but didnít find any - gotta come back in the Wet, I guess.
We did stop at Bigge Island for a day. We landed at a little beach and explored all these caves in the cliffs. There were lots of aboriginal paintings and some of them were of white people with pipes in their mouths. There were also boats (one even looked a bit like the Windeward Bound) and hands and animals, like a wallaby and turtles. I explored the cave even more and found a gecko high up on the wall - a real one, not a painting. I looked for frogs - nup, none around.
While we were sailing we saw lots and lots of Humpback whales! Some were really close, some a long way off. The first ones we saw were a mother and baby calf that were feeding. They looked like a giant log floating on the water. I liked the ones that leapt out of the water and came down with a HUGE splash!
We had 4 kids on board for some of this leg - Hannah, Jack, Hannah and Jacqui. It was a bit confusing with the names but they were lots of fun and played with us everyday.
Now we are in Broome but we are out in the harbour at anchor instead of being tied up at the wharf. Our engine wonít start and we donít know why, so we are trying to figure out the problem and fix it before we can get to the wharf. In fact I might go and poke my nose down in the engine room and see if I can help out.
Croak with you again later!
PS Donít forget to have a look at our photo page to see what weíve been up to. And check out the Newsletters that the crew have put together. There are some cool games to play in it, stories about us, and photos as well!

Wyndham, WA hello kids
Itís me Freddo, Iím just writing to say hello and tell you how I am going on the Windeward Bound at the moment. The other day we all went to this island called Bare Sand Island where we watched the turtles come up from the sea to lay their eggs on the beach. There was also little baby turtles that we all got to release into the ocean that had only just hatched from their eggs. That night everyone slept on the island with only their sleeping bags on the sand. In the morning when we woke up on the sand it blew everywhere. It was quite an adventure.
Today we went to this great beach where there wasnít anything except for huge sand hills, we had lots of great fun sliding down the hills on our bellys. Everyone is a having a great time traveling down the Kimberley Coast and looking forward to our arrival in Wyndham soon.
well i have to go now but iíll talk again latter.
From your mate Freddo the frog.

Darwin, NT Hey, guess what? Itís me! Freddo!!! I thought it was about time I sent all of you guys at 5/6H a big hello (and Mr Hewitt, too). Actually, the crew has been telling me to write for ages, but Iíve been having too much fun!
Hey, it was great fun to see you all on the ship and to see Nhulunbuy again. All the other travel buddies wanted to know all about you, and the school and what itís like living there. I told them lots of stories. You know, like how we all like soccer, and how you guys were learning about turtles, and stuff.
Weíve been in Darwin for the longest time, but we finally sail out on Monday! We will be sailing for 2 weeks before we go to Wyndham, which isnít very far away really, so we should have heaps of time to go exploring and swimming and stuff.
In Darwin we have been to the Mindall Markets lots of times, saw a movie at the Deckchair Cinema and visited a big navy ship - itís much, much bigger than our ship. Oh, and Indi, the second mate, loves MacDonaldís too, so she has made sure Iíve been eating lots of burgers. Next MacDonaldís is in Perth!!
Iíll write again soon, so write back, ok?
See ya, Freddo
PS The crew finally put a photo of me on the site. Check it out in the travel buddiesí photos section.

Weipa, QLD Riddip, riddip, rrrriddip!!!
Frrreddo hereÖ hiya kiddos! I finally made it to the Windeward Bound, croak! Just in time too,Ďcause the other travel buddies told me we are goiní on an excursion tomorrow. Sounds like a heap of fun, but I gotta watch out for crocodilliacs, Ďcause Iím told they like to nibble on little frogs like me! You donít think the other travel buddies are just tryiní to tease me, do ya, croak, croak?
Weipa is a rrrreally riddip kind of a place. My kinda of town, I riddip reckon. The ship is a long way from the main part of Weipa, but there were lots of people who came to our wharf for a fish this afternoon. They were telliní me thereís lots of fish in the Gulf of Carpentaria. And lots of crocodilliacs, croak! I think Iím goiní to have to check them out tomorrow, see if theyíre rrrready riddip scary or what.
Catch ya laterÖ croak.

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