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Carnarvon, WA - again! Hello Everyone!
When we left Carnarvon, my watch was on duty so we had to look out for other boats and whales. On the first day I saw 6 big whales and one even swam alongside the ship.
We sailed to Monkey Mia where we anchored for 2 nights. We all went ashore to see the dolphins. I bought a milkshake, had a swim and played beach volleyball with my new friends from the ship.
We then sailed to the bottom of Dirk Hartog Island and anchored for 3 nights waiting for some calmer weather. We had lots of fun while we were anchored and spent the days learning how to tie different knots and how to set all the sails. We had a rope race against the other two watches and I had to represent my watch. I wasn't very fast at the knots but I did manage to get our very first point. Everybody cheered for me when I did. I also caught a fish which everybody ate for dinner. I had an even bigger one on the line but he got away and took all the bait too.
Finally we sailed out through Steep Point and saw some big waves and strong winds which were blowing in the opposite direction to what we wanted. The ship was going very slow so our captain decided to turn around and go back to Carnarvon. I'm looking forward to making it to Geraldton when we try again in another few weeks. Hopefully the weather and conditions will make it easier then.
Catch you all later!

Carnarvon, WA Hi Mitcham School kids!
This is Mitch reporting from the Windeward Bound!
We've finally made it to Carnarvon in WA. Carnarvon is at the north end of Shark Bay (havenít seen any sharks yet!) where Monkey Mia is and we will be visiting Money Mia next week to see the dolphins.
Carnarvon is pretty cool. It is very different from places north like Port Hedland and Dampier, where there is a lot of mining for iron ore, salt farms and stuff. Carnarvon is where they grow lots of fruit - bananas, mangoes, other tropical fruit, tomatoes, etc. Although it's not mango season yet, all the travel buddies have pigging out on mango smoothies, mango icypoles, and chocolate coated bananas - yummmmmmmy!
We have had lots of adventures on the last couple of legs, mostly to do with the ship, as we have been doing lots of sailing. It has been very rough, with heaps of water washing over the decks, so there were lots of seasick crew (and travel buddies). We saw whales and a few dolphins and heaps and heaps of turtles (I think they were green turtles) and lots of birds like albatross and shearwater (muttonbirds).
The crew have had a few mishaps with the ship - we got a few tears in the sails, flooded the cable locker where the cables for the anchor live and we nearly ran out of fuel and had to stop at Cape Cuvier for 2 days to refuel. Cape Cuvier is a place where they make salt and there is a HUGE mountain of salt there. When the wind blows, it blows the salt around and it looks like snow!
The thing is we couldnít moor at the wharf (it was too big) so the fuel was put into small containers and thrown off the jetty into the water! Mike and Peter then had to fish them out of the water and into our little zodiac dingy and bring them back to the ship, where we finally emptied them into our fuel tanks! Considering it was quite rough, it was quite an adventure for Mike and Peter.
Now we are in Carnarvon for a few days, making repairs to the sails, cleaning out the cable locker and doing lots of maintenance on the ship (all the travel buddies have been helping). After taking on more fuel, water and supplies (including milo and chocolate!) we will sail for Geraldton and more adventures! We plan to visit Monkey Mia and Dirk Hartog Island along the way.
Mitch the Magnificent!

Broome, WA Hello Mitcham Kids!
Well, here I am in Broome. Iíve just finished my first month at sea and it has been quite an adventure!
The trip from Darwin to Wyndham was brilliant. We had a whole bunch of high school kids from Darwin schools and two people from USA, and everyone was great fun. We got to do lots of sailing in the first few days (yes, I got a bit seasick but I was alright after I lay on the deck in the sun for a while) and stopped at an island called Bare Sand Island, where we watched turtles laying their eggs. We also went to a great beach full off sand dunes and I got sand everywhere after rolling down them. I still remember that day because I still have sand in my bed!
We dropped the voyage crew off in Wyndham and picked up some more. This time we had two families on board and the kids were great. They played games with us every day and took us on shore at Bigge Island where we explored caves and stuff.
We also saw lots and lots of Humpback whales. I reckon we saw 20 or 30 or more! Mainly they just swam past, but sometimes they played nearby - slapping their fins on the water and leaping out of the water to make huge splashes. It was excellent!
Now we are in Broome. There is a Pearl Festival on at the moment and a big parade is on this afternoon. Next weekend there will be Dragon Boat Races which would be so much fun to watch, but I think that we will be on our way to Dampier by then.
So I am having the best time! Thanks for sending me on this adventure. Donít forget to send me an email sometime.
See ya,
PS Donít forget to have a look at our photo page to see what weíve been up to. And check out the Newsletters that the crew have put together. There are some cool games to play in it, stories about us, and photos as well!

Dawrin, NT Hello everyone at Mitcham School!
Guess what? I finally made it to the Windeward Bound! Just in time too. The ship is in Darwin and we are about to sail to Wyndham on Monday, so if I got here any later I would have missed the boat!!!!
I am getting excited about sailing on my first leg. Wyndham is in Western Australia and Darwin is in the Northern Territory, so we will cross the border sometime on the trip. I wonder if we will have a party to celebrate?
I hope I donít get seasick or anything. There are lots of other travel buddies on board and a lot of them didnít feel too good the first time they sailed. But they all tell how much fun it is, so I am sure Iím going to have a great time. I will learn how to set and strike sails and how to steer the ship. Everyone has to help out on watch which means we have to go on lookout so we donít bump into anything, and that means in the middle of the night as well as during the day. I hope I will be ok getting up in the middle of the night.
Well, I canít write much more, except to tell you how excited I am to finally be here! I will write again in a couple of weeks to tell you what sailing a tall ship is like. Donít forget to write back.
Catch you all soon, Mitch

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