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Carnarvon, WA - again! Hi Catharine,
Reginald, the stowaway, writing in to make sure you don’t get too worried about where I am and how I am doing.
Did you know that we are half way around Australia now? I get all excited to think that I have been on board ever since the ship left Sydney. And so many adventures have happened since then!
Mind you, I have been the only one that is a stowaway… until now, that is. When we were at anchor off Dirk Hartog Island, in Gettison Cove, some of the crew and travel buddies decided to finish working on our torn sail, the Nock Staysail. We unfolded it and escaping out of the folds was a little grey gecko that had crept in at Carnarvon!! Would you believe it!
One of the crew caught it and showed some of the others and then it got away and found refuge in the galley! It wasn’t going to starve in there, that’s for sure. Only, Trim got wind that he was there and she spent many hours crushing around the galley looking for signs of the gecko. I think she nearly caught him once or twice, but unfortunately the cook got to him first… or at least trod on him first! The poor squished gecko was given a proper sea burial, but Trim never forgave the cook. Oh well.
I’d better be off. Chat to you again soon.
Love Reginald

Broome, WA Hi Catharine,
We have had an amazing trip! The Kimberley Coast is so cool - all red, rocky cliffs, big tide marks that make the rocks look completely different, and clear blue water. We sailed through the Buccaneer Archipelago, which is a group of islands (heaps of them), and they all had beaches and cliffs and reefs and stuff. We didn’t stop at any of them though, so we didn’t go exploring.
We did stop at Bigge Island for a day. We landed at a little beach with huge cliffs along one side and in the cliffs were caves paintings. They were really amazing paintings of people and hands and animals. I liked the snakes and lizards the best!
But I think the best part of this leg were all the Humpback whales we saw! About 20 or 30 of them - some really close, some a long way off (I spotted those ones first from my usual spot up on the main mast). I liked the ones that leapt out of the water and came down with a big splash!
We had another adventure when we got to Broome. We crashed into the wharf because the tide was really strong! We got stuck there for nearly an hour and a fishing boat had to pull us away. When we went to anchor our engine wouldn’t start! Flat batteries!! So we have been at anchor ever since and haven’t seen anything of Broome. Maybe tomorrow when the new batteries arrive and are installed.
I hope you are good and not working too hard.
Bye for now,

Wyndham, WA Hello Catharine,
Here I am, about to sail into Wyndham, still excited about all the fun we have been having on this latest leg. I think I shall remember this leg by all the beaches and islands that we have visited along the way.
The first was Bare Sand Island with lots of turtles making new baby turtles.
We then sailed for a few days before spending the day on a great beach. Not allowed to swim as they said there might be crocodiles in there. Lots of good sand and rocks there for collecting.
The last beach we stoped at was full of loads and loads of sand. Lots of sand mountains that we ran up and down on and slid down on our stomachs. Got a bit of sun tan and went for a swim in cold water in a puddle left in the sand.
And now to Wyndham we go, where we say good bye to the voyage crew and sail on to Broome with a fresh voyage crew, including 2 families with kids. I’m so excited!
Take Care
From Reginald

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