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Carnarvon, WA - again! Hello everyone on Palm Island!
Just wanted to let you all know we are still on the surface of the ocean, sailing on, and having heaps of adventures. Itís too bad I canít write and tell you everything that happens to me, but if I did that I would have no time to go out and have more adventures. Then I would have nothing to tell you about at all.
Sailing down the West Coast is very difficult. There are very strong winds out here and they are mostly blowing from the direction we want to travel. Sailing ships cannot sail directly into the wind, you know, so there is lots of tacking ship (which is pretty much zig - zagging into the wind.) which is very tiring. Sometimes we seem to be stuck in the same spot for hours and hours, sailing, but not going anywhere. A sailor's lot is a hard lot, that I have learned, being one myself now.
Our last shore excursion was to Monkey Mia, the place where you can pet and feed the Dolphins in shallow water. That was great! And we played beach volleyball and tackled each other on the sand. Later we had a hot tub. That was soooo good, because it was soooooo cold and windy that day and on the ship we can only have showers. When we came back to the ship it was getting dark and it was quite spooky out there on the water in this little dinghy. Quite amazing how the driver always finds the ship, even in the dark. The most amazing thing was how the water seemed to glow around us when the dingy was racing through the sea. It is caused by phosphorescence in the water and we see heaps of it at night.
When we got back to the ship the cook had already prepared our dinner and we could eat straight away. Yum! After that it was straight to bed for me, I was so tired. And I am tired now, too. Time for me to go to bed and say good bye!

Carnarvon, WA Hi Palm Island kids and Ms Miles!
We've finally made it to Carnarvon in WA. Carnarvon is at the north end of Shark Bay (no, we havenít seen any sharks yet but there is supposed to be good fishing here!) where Monkey Mia is and we will be visiting Money Mia next week to see the dolphins.
Carnarvon is pretty cool. It is very different from places north like Port Hedland and Dampier, where there is a lot of mining for iron ore, salt farms and stuff. Carnarvon is where they grow lots of fruit - bananas, mangoes, other tropical fruit, tomatoes, etc. Although it's not mango season yet, all the travel buddies have pigging out on mango smoothies, mango icypoles, and chocolate coated bananas - yummmmmmmy!
We have had lots of adventures on the last couple of legs, mostly to do with the ship, as we have been doing lots of sailing. It has been very rough, with heaps of water washing over the decks, so there were lots of seasick crew (and travel buddies). We saw whales and a few dolphins and heaps and heaps of turtles (I think they were green turtles) and lots of birds like albatross and shearwater (muttonbirds).
The crew have had a few mishaps with the ship - we got a few tears in the sails, flooded the cable locker where the cables for the anchor live and we nearly ran out of fuel and had to stop at Cape Cuvier for 2 days to refuel. Cape Cuvier is a place where they make salt and there is a HUGE mountain of salt there. When the wind blows, it blows the salt around and it looks like snow!
The thing is we couldnít moor at the wharf (it was too big) so the fuel was put into small containers and thrown off the jetty into the water! Mike and Peter then had to fish them out of the water and into our little zodiac dingy and bring them back to the ship, where we finally emptied them into our fuel tanks! Considering it was quite rough, it was quite an adventure for Mike and Peter.
Now we are in Carnarvon for a few days, making repairs to the sails, cleaning out the cable locker and doing lots of maintenance on the ship (all the travel buddies have been helping). After taking on more fuel, water and supplies (including milo and chocolate!) we will sail for Geraldton and more adventures! We plan to visit Monkey Mia and Dirk Hartog Island along the way.
Bye for now,
Winston the Wonderous!

Broome, WA Hello Everyone!
We have had an amazing trip around the Kimberley Coast. It is so interesting - all red, rocky cliffs, big tide marks that make the rocks look completely different, and clear blue water. We sailed through the Buccaneer Archipelago (I love that name, it makes me think of pirates and adventure), which is a group of islands (lots of them).
We did stop at Bigge Island for a day. We landed at a little beach and explored all these caves in the cliffs. There were lots of aboriginal paintings and some of them were of white people with pipes in their mouths. There were also boats and hands and animals, like a wallaby and turtles.
While we were sailing we saw lots and lots of Humpback whales! Some were really close, some a long way off. The first ones we saw were a mother and baby calf that were feeding. They looked like a giant log floating on the water. I liked the whales that slapped their pectoral fins on the water the best.
We had 4 kids on board for some of this leg - Hannah, Jack, Hannah and Jacqui. They were lots of fun and played with us everyday. I liked playing cards with Jack the best. He taught me how to play Strip Jack Naked and I got pretty good at it. The kids left in Derby and we had 3 high school kids and a teacher get on instead. They were pretty cool and didnít want to play with usÖ probably because they were very seasick for 2 days! It was pretty choppy but great sailing weather. And there were lots of whales and dolphins! That was the best.
See you,

Wyndham, WA Hallo down there Winston here just writing to tell you about the marvellous adventures weíve had with our new voyage crew.
So far this week we have been to Bare Sand Island to watch the turtles dig holes and then lay their eggs in the sand. It was terribly exciting, old chaps.
We are currently anchored at Port Keats and waiting for our photographer to return with his new satellite phone (his old one isnít working) then where off again.
We havenít crossed the Western Australiaís border just yet but we should soon.
This is my 8th day with our new voyage crew out at sea and after the 5th night when they were all sick I think that they've all adjusted to sea life now.
Till next time, old chaps. Keep smiling.
Your buddy
Winston The Wombat
PS It is now the last day of our voyage. It is sad to think that all our new friends will be leaving tomorrow and heading back to Darwin. The last few days have been a lot of fun, old chaps, visiting deserted beaches and rolling down massive sand dunes. The ship still has lots of sand through it and we have had to clean and scrub the decks more often than usual to get rid of it! I even have sand in my bed, which is most uncomfortable.
Tally ho for now then, old chaps. Until next timeÖ

Darwin, NT Hi there Class 4/5S and Ms Miles!
This is Winston the Wombat writing to you from the Windeward Bound. Do you still remember when the ship visited Palm Island and I got to come on board? That feels like a long time ago now but I havenít forgotten any of you.
The ship is in Darwin now and Iíve been really busy having lots of fun and helping the crew out with lots of maintenance on the ship while weíve been in Darwin. Weíve been sanding and painting and fixing the gaff boom (which had lots of rotted bits that we had to cut out and replace) andÖ well, lots of other stuff.
We had a big adventure when we sailed through the Gulf of Carpentaria. Our steering cable broke so we couldnít steer for a while and we had the first bad weather since ages - almost everyone was a bit seasick!
We came to Darwin ages ago and then left again to sail back along the coast to Arnhem Land. This was instead of sailing to Dili in East Timor. We were all a bit disappointed that we couldnít go there. It would have been very exciting.
On the last leg we stopped at an island where we saw a turtle laying some eggs and some baby turtles that hatched. They were very tiny and had to crawl down to the sea all by themselves.
Weíve been back in Darwin for2 weeks now, but we finally sail out on Monday! We will be sailing for 2 weeks before we go to Wyndham, which isnít very far away really, so we should have heaps of time to go exploring and swimming and stuff.
In Darwin we have been to the Mindall Markets lots of times, saw a movie at the Deckchair Cinema and visited a big navy ship - itís much, much bigger than our ship. And we have been out sailing in the harbour too. Last weekend the Leuwin, a tall ship from Perth, sailed with us as well AND they fired a cannon at us!
Trim the cat is still as crazy as usual but she hasnít fallen in the water for a while. She doesnít like this hot weather much so she mostly sleeps during the day. She hasnít been ashore much in Darwin because we are moored at a place where itís difficult to get on and off the ship. But last week we were at the ĎDuckpondí, where the fishing boats tie up, so Trim was in Seventh Heaven!
Iíd better go now. Iíll write again soon! And I hope you will write to me and tell me all about what you are doing at school.
See ya, Winston

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