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Marine and Coastal Fauna Survey of the Australian Coast

The wildlife surveys are completed when time, conditions and sightings allow - taking a ‘when the opportunity presents itself’ approach to data gathering. The forms to be filled out have been developed with the transient nature of the data gathering in mind, and include basic information gathering that can be cross referenced when more time becomes available. Questions for a sighting include the species description, location (latitude and longitude), time of day, weather conditions and number of them sighted. These are catalogued and sorted according to each region (Eastern, Northern, Western and Southern coasts) of the voyage and are also to be recorded in the order of Birds (other than seagulls), Fish, Mammals and Reptiles.

Eastern coasts - The Reptile Coast
There were 4 sightings of sea eagles, 3 of terns and 2 of boobies
Fish sightings included 4 of rays and sharks and 1 of crab
There were 7 sightings of dolphin and 1 of dugong
More reptiles were spotted on the east coast than any other class of animal including 4 sightings of turtles, 3 of crocodiles and 6 of sea snakes.

Northern coasts
Sightings on the north coast weighed heavily on that of marine mammals.
6 different sightings of whale and 11 different sightings of dolphin
4 sightings of bird consisting of geese, booby, frigates and gannets
Sightings of reptiles consisted of 3 of sea snakes, several turtle sightings, and several crocodiles
Sightings of fish included flying fish, rays, tuna and shark.


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