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... the sounds of a sailing ship on a calm night in tropical seas, the thrill of coping with heavy weather, dolphins diving in front of the bow, finding out you can do it, making friends in good company, learning to respect, trust and care for the sea, your country and your crewmates and  gaining a real sense of self achievement. Imagine all this and you are beginning to imagine the adventure of participating in one of the legs of the 'Windeward Bound' Matthew Flinders educational voyage around Australia.

The 'Windeward Bound' width=

Windeward Bound's 'Matthew Flinders'
Circumnavigation Voyage 2002 ~2003

The voyage will celebrate the bicentennial of Matthew Flinders' voyage of discovery and the Centenary of Federation in Australia. As 'voyage crew', participating students will actively involve themselves in a wide range of educational and environmental activities in this modern voyage of exploration of Australia's coastline.

Each leg of the voyage will be of varying duration and involve port visits, seeing remote coastlines, visiting sheltered pristine beaches, hobnobbing with whales, dolphins and other wildlife as well as visiting some of the world's greatest natural wilderness areas.

There will be a specific project and purpose for each leg. For example there will ecological, geographic, social and historical studies of flora and fauna, marine sciences, meteorology, aboriginal cultures and history, navigation and seamanship. Already planned are re-enactments of Flinders' voyage on the 'Investigator' and touch on the landings of William Dampier on the 'Cygnet' and the Dutch Navigators of the 17th Century.

The 'Windeward Bound' has supervisors on board to run the educational curriculum. Participating schools that send a student or students will maintain contact via a unique website connecting them to their "other" classroom ashore. All participating schools will be able to follow the voyage from their classroom via the Internet and communicate with the 'Windeward Bound' through the Web Club website.

To balance the educational curriculum of the voyage, the age of 'voyage crew' will be limited those aged 15 to 18 years and encompass Years 10, 11and 12.

A number of voyage legs will be exclusively available for adult 'voyage crew'.
But be quick as these places are being taken faster than expected.

Daily Voyage Rates Applicable to 31 December  2003

STANDARD RATE (Adults) $220.00 PER DAY
Scholarship Rate (Conditions Apply) $110.00 PER DAY
All Rates include GST

Staff crew are also required for a number of the voyage legs. Click here for more information on this chance of a lifetime.


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