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Eighteen months is a long period for our crew to take time away from regular jobs and their day-to-day lives. As our new crew join us and our old crew members move on, we think it is important to acknowledge their contributions to such a unique voyage.

Our old crew members are not forgotten... read on and find out more about the people who have helped to make this voyage happen from day to day.

Peter McKinnon - First Mate, Engineer
Peter first got hooked on Tall Ship sailing after a stint as voyage crew on HM Barque Endeavour from Southport to Sydney in September 2000.  After helping Endeavour arrange some funding and visits to Aboriginal and mining communities in the Top End, he was invited to sail on Endeavour as 2nd Mate and Navigator in Sept/Oct 2001.
When Peter was invited to join the Windeward Bound, he was ready to escape the day to day running of his Occupational Health and Safety Training and Assessment business in Sydney and head for sea.
However, Peter hasn't escaped work completely. His expertise in OH and S and his post graduate studies in fatigue in the transport industry will be combined with his work on the Windeward Bound. With the help of Captain Parry and the crew, Peter will write up the mandatory Safety Management System (SMS) for the ship, and help to trial, review and modify it to be ready for instigation in early 2003.
And Peter's thoughts?
"It's amazing. I'm sitting here, looking out over the Dampier Archipelago, waiting to catch a couple more fish for dinner as we sail southwest with a 10-15 knot nor'westerly pushing us along. It's a hard life!"

Mike Dallen - Second Mate, Third Mate, Blue Watch Leader  Sydney - Weipa, Darwin - Geraldton
Mike is an accountant and has spent 5 years on square riggers as a way of getting out of the office.
To use Mike’s own words, he was "born with an interest in square rigged sailing, despite coming from country NSW".
Mike’s role as Watch Leader on the Windeward Bound is not a new one. In this capacity he has also spent time on ‘Svanen’ and ‘James Craig’, both sailing out of Sydney.  He freely admits he has a very understanding family who refer to his prolonged involvement in the restoration of the ‘James Craig’ as spending time with his ‘mistress’ and the Windeward Bound as his ‘Current Mistress’.   He has 2 sons, both living away from home (at 22 and 25) and shares with his lovely wife - also an accountant - bushwalking, so he doesn’t lose his capacity to "keep his feet on the ground".
His philosophy is not to ever be in a position to say "I’d give anything to have had the opportunity.." and he firmly believes a ship needs to grow it’s own crew for optimal function which, inevitably, takes time and challenges - simply because we are all human beings!

Melissa Tranter - Red Watch Leader
Sydney - Bundaberg, Groote Eylandt - Geraldton

Melissa grew up living by the Woronora River in Southern Sydney and she rather unexpectedly fell into the world of tall ship sailing in 2001 after a 10 day voyage on STS ‘Young Endeavour’. As a result, she started working as a volunteer on ‘Windeward Bound’ in January 2002, while the ship was sailing harbour cruises in Sydney.
During preparations for the Matthew Flinders’ Circumnavigation voyage, Melissa was offered a position as Watchleader and she jumped at the opportunity! Studying Nursing at the University of Technology Sydney at the time, Melissa decided to defer her degree for a year and instead studied for a General Purpose Hand Certificate in preparation for the voyage.  Apart from taking on the challenges of Watchleading, Melissa is enjoying the opportunity to travel around Australia, discover new places, meet interesting people and listen to some of the local music.  Once she leaves the Windeward Bound in October, Melissa's adventures will take her overseas early in 2003, before she returns to Sydney to finish her nursing degree (and gets a chance to play hockey again, which she is missing like crazy)!

Kiah Davey
Actor, Website Manager, Blue Watch Leader
Bundaberg - Weipa, Darwin - Geraldton

Kiah was introduced to the sea and travelling six weeks before she was born, when her parents sailed from Adelaide to Perth. Childhood years spent travelling through the Australian outback and overseas were enough to convince her sister of the benefits of settling down, but Kiah had been well and truly bitten by the travel bug. Although she completed 3 years of a Medical degree at the University of Tasmania, Kiah’s heart wasn’t in it and she hit the road again, backpacking around the world.
Kiah was introduced to the world of square rig sailing in the UK where she worked as a tour guide and crew member on the Golden Hinde for 7 months. On returning to Tasmania, she soon tracked down the Lady Nelson and sailed as a volunteer with her for a number of years.  The circumnavigation voyage is Kiah’s first opportunity to sail as a crew member with the Windeward Bound, and combines her two loves: a chance to become more addicted to the world of square rig sailing; and her life in the theatre. Performing as Trim in a show about Matthew Flinders’ to school kids around Australia is proving to be one of the highlights of her voyage.

Ken Dryden
Cook, Carnarvon - Geraldton

Ken Dryden is a fisherman from Carnarvon, Western Australia.  He heard about the possibility of a Cook's job on board the Windeward Bound and decided to apply.  The reasons for applying are two-fold:
One because Ken had never been to sea in a sailing vessel and had always wanted to see what it would have been like for sailors of old.
And secondly the opportunity for an adventure was too strong to resist.
And in Ken's words: "I urge anyone who has the chance to sail on Windeward Bound to do so. It is a unique experience. I take my hat off to the Captain and Crew. Tight Lines and a Fair Wind to All."
(If you see Ken once he reaches shore, please apply Bourbon and Nicotine immediately!)


Anne Coghlan
Cook, Broome - Carnarvon

Anne is a nurse from Mandurah, WA, with a love for life, adventure and the Eagles (AFL) Football Club.
Anne decided the football season was over for her when she heard of the chance to run away to sea on the Windeward Bound for 6 weeks, cooking for the crew.
Never previously spending longer than a day trip on a tall ship but having been on many other boats of all shapes and sizes, Anne was desperate to be a part of the Windeward Bound adventure, so she successfully convinced Captain Sarah that she was the right person for the job.
Adventure and Challenge... here Anne comes!



Indi Hodgson-Johnston
Second Mate, Sydney - Carnarvon

Indi left the circumnavigation voyage to join the Soren Larson in NZ as second mate. Congratulations, Indi, and Good Luck!

Indi started working on board the Windeward Bound when she was 15 years old. After going to Port Davey as a Dish Pig (nowadays referred to as a CMO - Ceramic Maintenance Officer), she decided to pursue a career in the square rig industry, an easy decision when compared with her previous work experiences as a cleaner, bartender, kitchen hand and cook. Indi came on board the Windeward Bound full time in 1999 and she has been a permanent crew member since, with a short break on shore in 2000 to complete her HSC.
In 2002, Indi gained her Master Class V, with the required 900 days sea time accumulated with the Windeward Bound, Svanen, and the James Craig.
Indi’s main interest on board is rigging. She plans to continue her square rig career overseas in the next couple of years on ocean going tall ships or as a full time rigger.

Jason Glover
Engineer, Environmental Officer and Actor
Sydney - Port Hedland
Jason has been going to sea since he was 12 as his family have a Tasmanian Rock Lobster fishing business, in which he is still passionately involved.
His enormous ‘thirst for knowledge’ brought Jason to the University of Tasmania, where, from 1995 to 1999, he studied Philosophy, Geography, and Environmental Studies. Topics touched on during his course were marine and coastal fisheries, coastal ecosystems and planning. He did honours thesis on Environmental Management of Marine Farms in Tasmania.
And somehow, among all of this activity, Jason has managed to find time to indulge in his love of live theatre and performing.
He wouldn’t admit it, but he is consistently affable and even tempered - a wonderful trait at the best of times but on board a square rig ship, in confined circumstances, it is a real asset to ship and crew alike.

Malcolm Hunt
First Mate, Darwin - Broome
As a teenager, Malcolm sailed and raced small dinghys in Tasmania and in 1987 sailed his own vessel, Stardust, on an extended cruise of the South Pacific, visiting Noumea, Vanuatu, the Santa Cruz Islands, Solomon Islands and New Guinea.
In 1993, Malcolm joined the crew on the Lady Nelson as a volunteer, sailing out of Hobart and the East coast of Australia, and acquired commercial sea time in order to gain his Master V certificate with a square rig sailing endorsement. He then operated the Lady Nelson commercially for some years and in the 1998 Tall Ships Race from Sydney to Hobart, Malcolm skippered the Lady Nelson into 2nd place behind the Young Endeavour in their class, gaining 2 wonderful trophies for the Tasmanian ship.
Malcolm also skippers ferries in Hobart - the Cartela and the Southern Cross Wanderer - during the summer months and spends the rest of the year delivering vessels up and down the East Coast of Australia. In 2000, he gained his Open Master Class IV, allowing him to operate vessels up to 90m in sheltered waters and 35m 600 miles to sea.
Malcolm first left school at the age of 15 to become a jockey and after growing too much, did an apprenticeship as a plumber. He got sick of that “real quick” and decided to sell cars for a better living, eventually operating his own business in Hobart.
Malcolm joined the Windeward Bound as First Mate in Darwin, his third stint on the ship. His past involvement includes voyages from Devonport to Sydney, Southport to Brisbane and return.

Nick McIntosh
Watch Leader, Cairns - Wyndham

Nick began sailing in his native New Zealand and caught the square rig bug aboard STV Spirit of New Zealand.
When he moved to Hobart in 1998 he started crewing as a volunteer aboard the Lady Nelson while completing high school and starting university, where he currently studies Medicine.
In 2002, Nick has deferred a year of university to work as a bush walking guide in Tasmania, crew as a watchleader on the Windeward Bound, and travel overseas. He leaves the ship in Wyndham to go to Far East Nepal where he will work as an English Conversationalist for 3 months.




Barry Padman
First Mate, Sydney - Weipa
Barry was born in Hobart and has sailed his own yachts for many years. His interest in square rig sailing was fuelled by many years sailing, as a volunteer, with the Lady Nelson, based in Hobart. While with the Lady Nelson, Barry acquired sufficient sea time to gain his Master Class 5 Ticket with a square rig endorsement.
As first mate on the Windeward Bound for the first 3 months of the circumnavigation voyage, Barry has entertained the crew with his dry sense of humour, his ability to be asleep (or in his bunk) anytime you need him and his unexpected rescue of Trim when she attempted to check out the local marine life a little too closely in the Gulf!



Doug Pattison
Education Officer, Sydney - Weipa
Doug was born at a very early age and is now 45 going on 19.
He completed training as a teacher with a Batchelor of Education from the University of Tasmania in 1978 and has since taught students at every level from Grade 1 to Grade 12.
Doug’s involvement with the Windeward Bound started soon after its launching. He worked for 4 years on weekends as a volunteer while the vessel was being rigged and was part of the crew during the first sailing trips around the Derwent and Southern Tasmania.   Since the Windeward Bound moved to the mainland in 2000, Doug has had to satisfy himself with making blocks for the ship, so the opportunity to take on the role of Education Officer on the Windeward Bound during this circumnavigation voyage was too good to pass up.  Doug has a wife, a son (21), and a daughter (19) and his current passions are church, blacksmithing, and learning pidgin English so he can write children's stories for the schools in the Solomon Islands.


Nicola Carr
Cook, Wyndham - Broome

Darren Davison
Volunteer Crew, Wyndham - Broome
Nicola and Darren joined the Windeward Bound, as cook and volunteer crew respectively, for a short stint having just spent a few months working in the Bungle Bungles. One extreme to the other!
Both the positions on board the ship and in the Bungle Bungles were a break from their 4WD journey around Australia in order to earn some money and experience more closely the country they were travelling through.



Chris White
Cook, Darwin - Wyndham
Chris is a New Zealander, backpacking around Australia during 2002. He is picking up odd jobs here and there to fund his travels and cooking on the Windeward Bound has got to be one of the oddest! Certainly an interesting experience... and not everyone can say they have celebrated their 19th birthday Windeward Bound style!





Marcel Schouten
Cook, Darwin - Darwin
Hailing from The Netherlands, Marcel is our first international cook on the Windeward Bound.
Marcel is currently 4WD around Australia and took on the position of cook on board to see a different perspective of Australia.
With a great sense of humour and talented at playing the guitar, Marcel became a popular and valued member of the crew, especially when dishing up one of his specialty dishes - banana picklets or caramelised apples! Delicious





Dave Stott
Cook, Cairns - Darwin
Dave is not a stranger to cooking on board ships, however he is more used to cooking on the luxury cruising yachts in the Whitsundays than on a tall ship sailing around Australia. So the chance to sail with the Windeward Bound was partly a challenge and partly a chance to experience a completely different way of sailing.
Not content to hang around the galley, Dave pitched in and became part of the Windeward Bound team, hauling on lines when an extra pair of hands was needed.
Dave is now back cooking on the 'white boats', this time in New Zealand for the America's Cup!




Mel Martin
Cook, Sydney - Cairns
Mel was introduced to fishing and the water by her Dad, who was a professional fisherman at Turkey Beach south of Gladstone (100 million years ago). Shooting and skinning kangaroos for bait for crab pot traps, setting nets, snorkelling, and sailing her Dad's really tiny sailboat made up a great childhood and developed in Mel a love of fishing and ships.
A 3 hour sail around Sydney Harbour on the Windeward Bound was Mel's first introduction to the world of tall ship sailing and during a tour of the ship, she found out about the circumnavigation voyage and the need for a cook. That was it... she had an interview with Sarah about doing a leg as the 'cook', got the job and loved every minute of it, apart from being seasick fairly regularly!
Before setting off on the voyage, Mel worked as a Holiday Sales consultant and was able to take 2 months off to follow this 'dream of a lifetime'. With plenty of time to think and work out what she wanted to do in life during the voyage, Mel decided on a change of career and is now working for Charity Challenges, a non-profit organisation which helps to raise funds for all kinds of charities. Maybe sailing a leg on the Windeward Bound could be a 'challenge'... you never know...

Nick Henshaw - Blue Watch Leader
Waiting on the CV...

Marcee Thompson - Trainee
Waiting on the CV...

Stevie Thompson - Trainee
Joined the ship in Carnarvon for an eleven day trip from Carnarvon to Geraldton. My sisters and I were in the Navy Cadets and they organised our trip as part of our cadet training. I was going to be on the ship for just the leg from Carnarvon to Geraldton but I fell in love with the ship and everything that went with it, even though the first trip ended up back at Carnarvon because the seas were too rough and the wind too strong. We sailed from Carnarvon for Geraldton then rejoined the ship in Fremantle as trainees. We hope to stay on for 2 years and complete our training as General Purpose Hands and Coxswains. I am doing year 11 by correspondence, and when I’ve finished I’d like to go to University and study nursing. I think that working on the Windeward Bound is a good opportunity to meet new and interesting people and learn new skills which will help me in the future.


Patrick Cerini
Waiting on the CV...


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