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  • The 2002-2003 'Windeward Bound' Matthew Flinders Circumnavigation Voyage will celebrate the bicentennial of Matthew Flinders' voyage of discovery and the Centenary of Federation in Australia. The voyage will provide a wonderful opportunity for participating students to actively involve themselves in a wide range of educational activities in this modern voyage of exploration of Australia's coastline.

  • All legs are 7 or 14 days duration and will involve port visits, seeing remote coastlines, visiting sheltered pristine beaches, hobnobbing with whales, dolphins and other wildlife as well as visiting some of the world's greatest natural wilderness areas.

  • Each leg will be a specific project with a specific purpose in mind, for example: ecological; geographic; social; historical (e.g. re-enactment of Flinders' voyage on the 'Investigator' and touching on the voyages of William Dampier on the 'Cygnet' and the Dutch Navigators of the 17th Century); studies of flora and fauna; marine sciences; meteorology; aboriginal cultures and history; navigation and seamanship.

  • The 'Windeward Bound' has supervisors on board who are responsible for overseeing the comprehensive comparative study being undertaken during the voyage. Our supervisors will oversee the operation of the webclub website and distribution of the educational packs to schools who visit the ship whilst in port. The staff of the 'Windeward Bound' will run the sail training program.

  • Participating schools, who send a student or students, will maintain contact via the webclub website connecting them to their "other" classroom ashore.

  • Participating schools without a student on board will be able to follow progress from their classroom via the Internet and communicate directly with the 'Windeward Bound' via the webclub website.

  • The 'Windeward Bound' has a wide range of modern communications including, but not limited to, a satellite phone that can carry data, faxes and voice, powerful HF and VHF radios and a broad range of digital mobile communications.

  • In order to balance the educational curriculum of the voyage, the age restrictions will be limited to those aged 15 - 18 to encompass an age range covering Years 10, 11 and 12.


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