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  Trim's Log - Leg 1 - Sydney to Brisbane


8 March '02 At Sea At Last
There was such a lot of noise in the night. There were lots of people sitting around the tables on the wharf. There was loud music too. Then guess what! The crew let go the ropes which joined us to the wharf and we went sailing in the middle of the night. We didn't bump into anything so I just went back to sleep.
At breakfast time there was break fast everywhere. There were hundreds of mutton birds circling the boat. They even landed on the water, but not close enough for me to get. I hid under the wheel and watched but not one landed on the boat. Not one. I had to settle for a piece of bacon rind from someone else's breakfast. The crew did not seem very interested in breakfast today either. Today I made friends with a new Ship Buddy called Reginald.

A Poem by Trim
My name is Trim,
and I'm full of vim
And vigour,
because I'm not much bigger
Than a terrier rat.
I'm the Ship's Cat.

Old sea dogs go weak at the knees
When they see that I am here to please
As we sail round the Antipodes,
In the wake of Matthew Flinders.

Go ring the bell, as I'm here to tell
Of adventures day by day.
Gather round and listen well
As our good ship sails away.

10 March '02 Thank you to the Waimea Heights Primary School (grade two's) for the e-mail questions. I dont type my Trim log as my paws are too delicate so I whisper the answers into my captains ear and she types for me.
I, Trim, am a girl and the captain selected me because of my markings which are the same as Flinders trim and I don't eat that much - about what your own cat would eat at home. I do prefer running water so that when I am thirsty I sit in the basin in the captains bathroom and wait for her to turn on the water for me to drink. The boat is lots of fun especially running up and down the rigging and the masts. My humans get a bit sick at the start of the voyage maybe because they only have two legs instead of four like me - I haven't got sick yet not even a little bit.
The water was deep in Sydney harbour where I fell in but even if it was shallow my little legs would not touch the bottom. I don't scratch much - maybe just a little bit when some humans annoy me. Can I say a special hello to Nataisa you teachers cat and tell her I like all Whiskas flavours.

12 March '02 A message for the Clovelly Park Primary students - I am keeping and eye out for Neat n' and look forward to this buddy coming on board in Brisbane.

14 March '02 I helped the captain out today when she was looking over the chart - the map of the coast sea that tell us where we are. I got into a cardboard box on top of the chart table and pretended to be a ship. The crew were very impressed and even took a video.

15 March '02 The class 4's at St Benedicts Primary School in Narrabundah (Canberra) have done very well this week with their homework project. They made ship models to show what the first fleet, Flinders and me (Trim) sailed in. I am told by their teacher that some of the ship models are so good that I could even sail in them. I hope they can send me some photos for my special Trim the Cat photo album that I am making of the voyage around Australia.

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