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  Trim's Log - Leg 4 - Mackay to Cairns


19 April '02 Meow to everyone out there.
A lot has been happening lately. Today we left Bowen. I spent alot of time on top of the deckhouse lazing in the sun whilst everyone was busy with the sails.
On Monday when we left Mackay we left with ten new Voyager Crew, they are all very friendly. They have great talent when it comes to scratching behind the ears! Meow! Just after we left they learnt how to climb the rigging so every since I have been showing off my ability to climb with out a harness!
On Tuesday we were sailing for most of the day so I went and hid in the basin, its one of my favourite places to sleep!
On Wednesday most of the crew went 'bush walking' on Calder Island so there was a lot of room on board. I had an excellent catnap!
We pulled into the Bowen port late Thursday afternoon so I went for a quick walk up and down the wharf, it was great to be on land again.
This morning there were heaps of people on board, three schools took a look around the ship! They all loved me, of course but I spent most of the time in the captain's quarters, as they weren't allowed in there!
Meow, its late and I need some more sleep so I will catch up with you guys later.
Love Trim

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