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  Trim's Log - Leg 6 & 7 - Weipa to Darwin


20th June '02 Meeowwwww! This is a short log from me for these legs of the voyage. During the Windeward Bound’s exploration in the Gulf of Carpentaria, I felt a little off colour. The sailing was fairly uncomfortable due to the weather and I often clawed at the deck to stabilise my grip.
However, I soon bounced back from my seedy state when we reached Sweers Island, at the southern end of the Gulf. Four days in sheltered waters and visiting the wonderfully friendly locals from the island and the surrounding area cerrrrrtainly lifted my spirits! We had a special celebration on Sweers Island, as this was a place where my namesake, the original Trim, spent a great deal of time while Matthew Flinders made repairs to the 'Investigator'.
A few days after leaving Sweers Island, we visited Groote Eylandt, where almost everyone living in Alyangula visited the ship at Gemco Mining Wharf. Obviously to visit me, of course!
Life during the original Trim’s voyage went at a slower pace and with few settlements other than aboriginal camps to visit, Trim would have had to find amusement mainly on board the Investigator. I am much more fortunate in that respect, with plenty of visitors to the 'Windeward Bound' while we are in port, new Voyage Crew to get to know on every leg and the odd occasion to go ashore for an explore.
For instance, during the Groote Eylandt stopover, I ran down the gangway and spotted a local fisherman on the jetty. He had landed a fish and I found myself pawing his catch flipping around on the rocks. It smelt heaps better than the bait in his bucket.
Next stop was Nhulunbuy (Gove) where all the local school kids came to see the show and visit the ship. This time it wasn’t me they came to see… well, not only me, anyway. They came to see how Freddo has been enjoying his trip. Freddo is the travel buddy sent by Nhulunbuy Primary School to sail on the ship for the whole voyage, and of course the kids found Freddo hanging around waiting for them with all of his travel buddy mates! It was a great reunion and very exciting for the kids to wave the 'Windeward Bound' goodbye knowing that Freddo will be sending them lots of adventurous stories about our voyage.
Speaking of which, we are now in Darwin and I am off to explore this fascinating place and find a few adventures of my own. We are moored in the ‘Duckpond’, but sadly there are no ducks. That is the local name for the Fisherman’s Dock where all the prawn trawlers live when they are not at sea. It’s a great place to explore and maybe I will be able to befriend a fisherman or two!
This is Trim, the adventurous feline signing off…

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