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  Trim's Log - Leg 10 - Darwin to Wyndham


11 August '02 Oh, what a purrrrfectly busy time the last few days have been! Getting ready to go to sea after 2 weeks spent in Darwin. We sail out tomorrow on a 2 week leg to Wyndham, the first place we shall stop in WA. I wonder if we will celebrate crossing the border from NT into WA? Maybe with an extra can of Friskies, meorrrreowwwww?
I assure you that I won’t be running out of Friskies on this voyage… the dry store is well stocked with cans of these essential items! I think I would consider the voyage more adventurous if we sailed without these important items!
The crew is stowing away all the stores for this leg as I write this. I am overseeing the work, just to make sure they stow all of my Friskies in an easily accessible place! I'd hate to have to go hunting for my supplies!
It's amazing how many stores get stowed on board. There I was lying on the seat in the galley, keeping an eye on proceedings. The next thing I know, a box of goodies was carried past my nose, then another box, and another... and then more boxes, followed by shopping bags, and more shopping bags (just wait till they're empty, I'll check them out throroughly)! Boxes and bags all piled up in the galley, in the deckhouse, on the table and under the table, along the corridor leading to the dry store, and all through the dry store itself!
What is most amazing is that in a hour, everything will be stowed away, neatly stacked, stashed, squished or stuffed into shelves, fridge, freezer and any available corner. And once the coast is clear I'll go for an explore and check out where everything is... especially my Friskies.
The night is cooling down and it's time for my evening constitutional on deck and one last foray onto shore, which is sadly disappointing, as the ship is tied up to a pontoon with no way of getting on shore except by a ladder. Mind you, the pontoon is a great place to keep an eye on the bat fish! Big as a dinner plate and twice as delicious. Yum, yum.
Last chance to go and check them out, so here I go... this is Trim, the curious cat, signing off...

25 August '02 Meow Everybody!
This leg from Darwin to Wyndham sure has been a lot of fun. There’s never a dull moment when sailing with a group of Darwin students. We have some very keen climbers in this group and it has been very tough keeping up with them.
For the first couple of days though my paws were planted firmly on deck, as I did some serious smooching with the ABC television crew we hosted as we sailed around Darwin Harbour. Hollywood! Here I come!
We left the TV crew behind at the end of day 2 and headed for Bare Sand Island. This was our second visit to this unique Flatback turtle nesting site. Sleeping on the island to watch the turtles lay their eggs seems to have been a highlight amoung the voyage crew! To tell you the truth, I’m tired of listening to them rave on about how cute the baby turtles were. I’m supposed to be the cute one!
After leaving Bare Sand Island, the ‘Heaving Line’ took their places at the Lee rail and the fish feeding began. I know I probably shouldn’t say this but the seasick day is probably one of my favourite parts of the voyage, because my dinner bowl is piled high with puurrrrfectly good leftovers! Jason, our engineer, totally agrees with me. The spirited voyage crew shook off their seasickness in no time (sadly for my dinner bowl) and we sailed on, crossing the border into Western Australia at dawn on Monday morning, August 19th.
With expert training from Yours Truly, the newly acquired sailing skills of the voyage crew were rewarded by reaching the mouth of the Gulf leading to Wyndham a few days early, leaving us with plenty of time to explore the beginning of the Kimberley Coast.
One beach we stopped at had the most amazing sand dunes. However, I’d be quite surprised if there were any dunes left after our crew finished rolling down them! I’m still cleaning sand from my fur and the amount of sand on the deck at the moment is like living in a giant Kitty Litter tray! Heaven!
I don’t think it will stay this way for long though, as the entire crew are currently at work getting the ship sparkling clean to show off in Wyndham tonight. It will be sad to say goodbye to the students from Darwin and the rest of our voyage crew for this leg, but it will be great to check out Wyndham, our first stop in Western Australia!
This is Trim, the Magnificent Moggy sighing off…

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