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  Trim's Log - Leg 11 - Wyndham to Broome


12 Sept '02 Meeeooooowwww!
We have had a great trip from Wyndham to Broome, around the amazing Kimberley Coast with red rocky cliffs and blue, blue water. I was tempted to go in a couple of times, but I am not allowed out at night anymore, because the crew are worried that I will fall overboard again. Sarah has even blocked off my escape route through the skylight – that was the most exciting way out as I had to leap past the whirrrrring ceiling fan to reach the top. I reckon seeing the faces of anyone in the saloon when I leapt was worth all the risk!
We didn’t make many stops this leg, but we did spend a day at Bigge Island, which had some amazing caves with aboriginal paintings. The paintings were of Wanjina, turtles, lizards, wallaby, snakes and white men with pipes in a boat. Even a ship with sails that looked a lot like the Windeward Bound. I looked and looked but couldn’t find any paintings of cats. Most disappointing.
Some of the caves went back and back and I had a great time exploring them. I found a bat and a gecko, but they were high up and I couldn’t reach them. No fun. What was amazing were the tree roots growing down through the roof of the caves to the floor!
The best bit about this leg hasn’t been the view or the island – it was all the whales we saw!! Heaps and heaps of Humpback whales!!! Some were a long way away and when I saw those ones I thought they looked like a tasty sized treat. When I finally saw one up close I freaked out - Meeeooooowwwww! I would be eating one of those fish for the rest of my nine lives!! Then I found out whales are actually mammals. What a relief. I think I’ll stick to fish. Purrrrrrrr.
Ever since, I have enjoyed watching the whales – some were feeding new calves, others were slapping their fins on the water. The most exciting ones were leaping high out of the water and making huge (and I mean HUGE) splashes. It’s called breaching and I think it would be cool to be able to do that!
I made some new friends on this trip. Four kids came on with their families – Hannah(10), Jack(6), Hannah and Jacqui(8 – twins)! I didn’t play with them very much but they were very gentle around me, so I got to quite like them. The kids had a lot of fun learning all about sailing. Jack loved to be on the helm and steer the ship, Hannah (one of the twins) learnt how to eye-splice a rope, Jacqui (the other twin) was great at calling the orders for setting and striking sails and the other Hannah was the first to stay up for a night watch. Regular little tall ship sailors, all of them! They got off in Derby, a few days before Broome, and I really missed them. The ship was too quiet!
We have finally arrived in Broome… sort of. I say that we’ve sort of arrived in Broome because we are still anchored in the harbour and haven’t been able to go to shore yet. We crashed into the wharf the day we arrived – tide pushed us into the wharf – and then the batteries to start our engine went flat so we have been stuck at anchor for 4 days! New batteries arrive today and so we will try to get to the wharf tomorrow morning at low tide, when it’s a bit calmer!
The Pearl Festival is on in Broome right now so I hope we can get off tomorrow and go and watch the parade through the town. There are supposed to be Chinese Dragons in the parade! I wonder if they are as tasty as other Chinese food?
The new batteries are on their way, so I’d better go and supervise the installation.
This is Trim, the Curious Cat, signing off…

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