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  Trim's Log - Leg 13 - Dampier to Carnarvon


19th Oct '02 Meow, hello again friends,
This has been such an interesting leg from Dampier to Carnarvon. We were joined by new voyage crew in Dampier, including a reporter and a photographer from The Australian, a couple from Perth, and a 13 year old girl, Monique.
All was well, of course, until we got out into open sea. Most of the new voyage crew (and some of the staff crew) were seasick and all of them slept on deck. Monique stayed on deck for almost 4 nights! I have to admit it was kind of rough and I didn’t feel 100 percent either. I often climbed onto the ledge in the skylight of the captain’s cabin to get some fresh air. I would have loved to have strolled about on deck but when I had a glance at the swell, I jumped down from the skylight pretty quickly.
There wasn’t much for me to do except sleep, as I have the crew trained up fairly well and they can usually manage without me. Mind you, after a few days I was getting a bit bored and jumpy, so when I saw Mike, one of my crew, aloft on the main mast, I thought I would join him and check on what he was up to. I scooted up to the top of the shrouds, feeling fine and pleased at how well I made the climb. Then I looked down! It’s a lot higher than the foremast and it has been a while since I’ve been aloft!! Mike had to carry me down and the whole time I was meowing (reminding him not to squish me) and stuck my claws in just to make sure he wouldn’t drop me.
Since the weather has been fine and sunny everyday, and we are finally allowed to fish from the aft deck, there is not much that happens in the saloon, where I spend most of my time. All the action happens on deck and when I heard loud yells of “get the gaff hook, quick!” and “wow, she’s a big one!” I knew just where to look! Our engineer, Peter, had hooked a Spanish Mackerel… what a great happiness!
I had an idea… I innocently sidled up to Peter and meowed, hinting that I would definitely be the best to test the quality of our fish dinner. It worked! Peter gave me a few slices of fish and it was purrrfectly delicious! Even better, a few days later, just out of Exmouth, we caught an even bigger Spanish Mackerel… fresh fish for lunch and dinner, lunch and dinner, lunch and dinner… yum, yum, yum.
Now, whenever there is nothing else urgent to attend to, I wander up to the stern and sniff around to see if there is any recently caught fish lying about that someone has ‘accidently’ forgotten to tell me about. Wishful thinking but it passes the time.
Until next time, this is Trim, the fish-loving feline signing off…

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