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  Trim's Log

What would Matthew Flinders' cat, Trim, have written about if he had written a journal during Flinders' 1802-03 circumnavigation of Australia? About the different food he was fed? The number of rats he caught in a day? Of new friends and strange experiences in a new world? We can get some idea of what Flinders' Trim was like by reading the book 'Trim' by Matthew Flinders, but it's not exactly a cat's eye view of life on board.

In 2002-03, Trim is again circumnavigating Australia (well, his namesake is... and a female cat, just to confuse things) and has decided to tell you all about the voyage from her point of view.

Trim's Logs are listed according to each leg of the circumnavigation.

If you want to see more about Trim's world and how she lives join our web club site - schools can do this too. The NSW State Library has lots of information about Trim as part of their Matthew Flinders collection.


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