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Trim's Photos of the Voyage

I am a tough, sea-faring, adventurous feline, but I can turn on the charm whenever it suits me!

Jody, a voyage crew member from Darwin to Wyndham, and I hit it off right away.
There's nothing like lapping up some affection after a long day supervising the ship.

Doing what I love best... having a little snooze in the afternoon. Especially on someone's comfy bed.

Let's play 'Hide and Seek'. See if you can find me! Bet you never will!!

Every now and then I have to keep up appearances and look distinguished. Not such a hard thing to do.

Then again...
I'm tough, I'm rough, I've been below and checked out the sights under the water...

Taking a stroll over the ship, nothing too strenuous, I'll just take a peek up the rigging and then head back down to deck.

A cat's work is never done... checking that the Ship's Log has been filled out correctly.

Taking a well deserved nap. Do Not Disturb!

What does a cat have to do to get a decent meal around here?

A cat's work is never done... here I am testing the strength of one of the lines on board.

Hey, which one is the real Trim?
Don't get any smart ideas! Kiah gets to stand in as Trim when she tells my story in the play about Matthew Flinders called 'Roundabout'.
I prefer the better title 'Tales of Trim's True Travels Around Terra Australis'!


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