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12th August 2002

First Impressions of the Windeward Bound

As Sarah already knows, the first time I saw the Windeward Bound was on Sunday the 4th of August while I was with a friend on his tri-maran. i was fascinated by the boat so we sailed over to have a closer look.
I then saw the boat for a second time this morning (Monday the 12th). I thought that the boat was a bit small at first but after being on the ship for a while I now think that the ship is acually quite large.
I like climbing the rigging and canít wait until I get to climb to the very top (about 24 metres ASL). I didnít mind getting up in the middle of the night to do a watch but I believe that by the end of the trip I will have a major lack of sleep (I find it hard to sleep during the day, I canít sleep in either I donít know why I just canít).

Jason Heathfield
Darwin High School

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