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Tyson's Water Voyage

On Friday the 6th Chris, Matthew, Lenore and I went on a ship that was built in Hobart and finished in Dec 1996 and we have continued a voyage that Matthew Flinders started and finished in 1802-03. Now this ship has a new captain and her name is Sarah, she is the best captain I have ever met.

Since I have been on the ship I have to admit we all have been sea sick but we have had a lot of fun while we’ve been on this ship and have also met some very interesting people.

I can’t wait to get home. I don’t like being sick every 5 sec or getting cramps. If I am going to be an explorer I’d rather stay on land. At least I know I wont be sick all the time, only if I eat something I’m not supposed to. I think this is the last water voyage I’ll ever go on.

Oh by the way my name is Tyson Camisa and I’m going to become a chef because I like food and I also like what I do to food if it is to plan or I can make it look more interesting.

I think I have said enough.

Oh by the way I think this voyage has good enough champ !!!!

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